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 Building Blocks Level Editor-Build 16/06/15

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Building Blocks Level Editor-Build 16/06/15 Empty
PostSubject: Building Blocks Level Editor-Build 16/06/15   Building Blocks Level Editor-Build 16/06/15 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2015 11:17 pm

Hey guys,

Sorry for the wait but it's finally here. Note this is the base version of the editor so a lot of things will be buggy. So far I have not added texture support due to some last minute bugs, i'll try and fix it tonight and release it in the nightly build but if not it should be in within 2 days.

My tutorials are on my youtube page :

Lastly here is a list of known bugs associated with this specific build:

*Everything in the edit menu does not work(Copy,Paste,Delete,Duplicate.
*Most properties appear in the Entity properties fields but the values do not change when you change them.
*Everything works in the Mesh properties expect:On impact and On Hit fields.
*You can add prefabs to the prefab list but when you try and select them in the editor it will not appear.
*Grid Color preview will not change colors but the actual grid will.
*Loading models if it's one mesh it's fine but if you're loading multiple meshes in the same file it won't show up correctly.

Please post your bugs in the bugs section, if you have any suggestions post them in the suggestions thread and I will try and implement them into future releases.
Lastly once we get texture support working showcase your maps in the Maps section!

Anyway, here is the link just run the .exe and it should work. Note that this was built on a 1920x1080 resolution screen so it is optimal to have it but if not the editor should resize itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your screen resolution isn't 1920x1080 go to the config.ini file open it with notepad and change the 'Window Width' and 'Window Height' values to your resolution

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Building Blocks Level Editor-Build 16/06/15
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