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 Suggestions from yah boi

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Suggestions from yah boi Empty
PostSubject: Suggestions from yah boi   Suggestions from yah boi Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2015 11:35 pm

The window doesn't seem to have anyway of shrinking it so it defaults to a 1920x1080 window.  This causes the taskbar to overlap the window.

Maybe have the movable windows overlay the model screen so you don't lose them.

A help and or info area that shows your YouTube channel, Moddb page, Forum, ect.

A hide and or minimize button for the Properties and Toolkit Window.  When hitting the hide or minimize button causes the model screen to re-size to the new layout.

Fix this:
Basically when moving those windows around causes Windows Solitaire effect.  Cool but in the way.

Under the Windows drop down [That you don't have yet], be able to have a multiple or single window selection.  Similar to GIMP's

Have this empty spot for quick access to options:

Maybe modernize the UI just a bit.

--Mario-Senpai out Solutes--
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Suggestions from yah boi
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