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 Nightly Build Releases

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PostSubject: Nightly Build Releases   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:10 pm

Hey guys,

This thread is going to contain nightly builds. If you're not familiar with nightly builds they're essentially builds that have been made throught the day or since the last build was released. So for example the first build was released yesterday and today i'm releasing this build. What's the difference? yesterdays build was an official build meaning it is meant to have a couple of bugs. The nightly builds are meant to be some what buggy because they can have features I am testing out but they may also reduce the amount of bugs. Check the change log to see what changes have been made. I will post all the nightly builds in this thread only so check back frequently.

June 19,2015 - 01:14AM Build

Change Log:


June 17,2015 - 11:08PM Build

Change Log:

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Nightly Build Releases
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